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Filing for Extension to File 1040 Form


When the deadline for filing annual tax approaches and you are not yet ready to file your return, then you can request an IRS tax extension to get more time to file. An individual or business may request an automatic extension of time to file their individual income tax returns (Form 1040) on Form 4868. The form is available on the IRS Web site or you can click this link to access the form 4868. Taxpayers who would like an extension must file Form 4868 by the regular due date of their individual income tax returns. Special rules apply to taxpayers

Form 4868

who are out of the country on the due date. The instructions that come with Form 4868 have the details.


If you fill up your application form correctly, the IRS will grant you six-month extension for your business (Form 7004) or personal taxes (Form 4868). This will give you the extra time to complete your taxes accurately.


Filling out Form 4868 is a very simple process. All you need is standard identification information (name, address, social security number, and spouse’s social security number), an estimate of your total tax liability for the year, the total you’ve paid this year, and the amount you’re including with Form 4868. Even if you properly file an extension, you can expect to be charged 0.5% of any tax owed for each month passed the deadline. The same is true if you automatically qualify for the two-month extension for filers outside of the country. To avoid this penalty, you can include a payment with Form 4868 so that you no longer have an outstanding balance.

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